Summer repairs your rental home needs in 2022

Summer repairs your rental home needs in 2022
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The Ozarks has continued to maintain its status as a rental location hotspot. The rolling mountains and scenic highlands make the perfect backdrop for tourists, vacationers, and renters alike. We know that it’s important to keep your home in the best possible state of repair, especially if you want it to remain competitive with other rental locations. However, it can be overwhelming to know where to start! A seasonal repair schedule can help you to stay on-task and organized, giving your renter the best possible experience with your property. Below, we’ve compiled our list of top summer repairs to consider adding to your schedule.

Benefits of a seasonal home repair schedule

A seasonal home repair schedule can help you to work more efficiently to care for your home. By segmenting repairs into seasonal checks and maintenance tasks, you can unlock additional benefits; such as seasonal special discounted rates, less potential for weather disruption, and more consistent maintenance to protect your investment. It can also boost the tenant’s perception of the overall rental experience, as it is clear that you care for their wellbeing — as well as the health and function of the property itself.

What home repairs are best to do in the summer?

An Ozark summer isn’t as scorching as it may be in other parts of the country. However, you may want to consider block scheduling your tasks in the summer to avoid the frozen and snowy conditions that come in the winter, which can make maintenance difficult. Read on to learn about the best home repairs that you can do in the summer months.

1. Window maintenance and inspections

Something as simple as routine window inspections can help you to save hundreds per year off of your heating and air conditioning bill. Often, your home’s insulation is protected by sealants. These can wear away with the shifts in weather and become less effective over time. If you conduct regular window inspections, you can catch cracks and inefficiencies before they wind up with a more significant cost. You can also quickly replace and treat your windows without the threat of a winter storm or sleeting rain.

2. Gutter and downspout care

Something so small can have major ramifications. Gutters and downspouts are responsible for effectively draining rainwater and other debris from your roof area. If these aren’t regularly maintained, you could deal with exterior roof damage, interior leaks, and expensive repairs. Summer is a great time to break out the ladder and take a look at your gutters. If you need professional cleaning services, there are several vendors in the Ozarks that can assist you. You can reference your local chamber of commerce for more information about professional home vendors in the Ozarks.

3. Insect infestation prevention

With the change of season comes higher chances of insect infestation. You can get ahead of this by checking for infestations seasonally and working with local professionals to spray preventatively. Common places that you should check include dark, shady corners inside or outside of the home, under roof eaves, or anywhere that you may notice small piles of sawdust or clusters of holes in the stucco or walls.

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