Home Sharing Tips: How to Rent Your Home for Vacationers

Home Sharing Tips: How to Rent Your Home for Vacationers

In 2020 and 2021, the Lakes of the Ozarks had record tourism numbers, doubling to 10 million visitors from its normal 5.4 millionThis is great news for vacation real estate investors who thrive on renting their homes over the summer.

If you own a home or are thinking of investing in Ozark property, buying a house is just your first step.

Use these home-sharing tips to make the most ROI and the simplest management strategy.

Remove Personal Items

Rental real estate property may be your home during the off-season, but this doesn't mean it stays this way when guests arrive. Protect your belongings and make guests feel like they are at a resort by removing personal items.

Keep a small closet locked with your possessions for when your rental is vacant and you plan on living in it.

Keep it Simple and Clean

The decor of a vacation home should be clutter-free and contain minimal furniture. This design not only makes living easier for tenants, but it also helps with deep cleaning.

You won't have to worry about accessories getting broken or constantly cleaning decorative ornaments. Use wall art to add character and contrasting paint colors to make rooms interesting.

Make Your Guests Comfortable

In addition to comfortable furniture and cheerful decor, you should also treat your guests as if they are staying at a luxury resort. Ensure there are toiletries and bath towels in the bathrooms as well as condiments and cookware in the kitchen. Add complimentary tea and coffee stations and offer bottles or filtered water.

A cozy bed with a closet full of extra sheets, blankets, and pillows will also make any guest smile.

Post House Rules

Just like any Airbnb rental, there should be a clear description of house rules and policies. Make this list known while booking and inside the house so the guest knows what is expected of them.

Decide on Availability

Typically, vacation rentals in the Ozark will have their peak season from late May to early September. These summer months are the best time to enjoy the lake and avoid rainy or cold weather.

Most landlords open up their homes for rental during this time. However, you may blackout some dates for you and your family to enjoy the season as well.

Create an Easy and Welcoming Check In

Once guests arrive, you should make the check-in process seamless. The best way to welcome your guests is to have a keyless entry using a key lockbox or pin code. This will be helpful if you are out of town and can't be there in person.

Leave personal notes and small gifts to also make them feel welcome in your home.

Use a Property Management Service

By using a property management service, you can get help with marketing your rental, collecting payments, and even communicating with your guests. The service will also help with cleaning your property in between each stay.

Home-Sharing Tips To Keep Your Property Safe and Profitable

Use these home-sharing tips to make the most of your investment by protecting it from fraudulent renters and ensuring you make the most profit for your home's value.

Get help with these suggestions by using a property management service. Start by contacting PMI Lake of the Ozarks to discuss your needs.