Summer Vacation Rental Tips: Making the Most of the High Season

Summer Vacation Rental Tips: Making the Most of the High Season

Sunshine, atmosphere, and outdoor trips are why 80 percent of people plan to travel in summer. If you're working within the travel and tourism industry, this is the time to generate income.

Tourists want to explore now, creating a competitive market for supply and demand. But it's not as simple as leasing your summer vacation rental to the max. You must uncover a few secrets to extract as much as possible from your space in peak season.

So, continue reading to discover how to boost property listings in the summer!

1. Set Competitive Pricing

Studies show the average U.S. citizen budgets USD 2,743 on a summer vacation. Accommodation takes up the most significant chunk of a person's budget.

Tourists acknowledge costs for a vacation rental are higher during this spell. However, since visitors spend much of their hard-earned cash, they look for value for money.

Research your competitors in your area. Whether it is a lower cost, better facilities, or extra beds, you should offer a more attractive offer than your rivals.

Adjust your rates for local events, festivals, and holidays to attract more guests.

2. Focus on Property Presentation

Providing a warm welcome to renters will enhance their overall experience.

First impressions are vital for giving guests an unforgettable trip. It will dampen their vacation spirit if the space greets people with a cold, dark, and unwelcome sight.

Around 7 out of 10 guests stated they would stay in the room if they trusted the cleaning products used. This highlights the need for a tidy space, not only for attracting more guests but also for their safety.

Furthermore, the top presentation highlights your property online, leading to increased bookings. You can showcase your home from others using quality photos and descriptions.

3. Responsive Communication

81% of consumers say they will buy a product from the same firm after receiving good customer service. Therefore, responsive communication is critical for obtaining repeat guests, including in the offseason.

It's essential to ensure your messages are clear and professional. You'll avoid misunderstandings, and visitors will be more enticed to obey the rules.

A simple yet effective summer vacation rental tip is to respond to inquiries quickly. Guests will feel valued and know they can count on you in the case of an emergency.

4. Request and Promote Your Reviews

Reviews are the backbone of securing a high vacancy rate year-round. They create trust, transparency, safety, and local insights for potential customers.

However, the most substantial advantage of testimonials is improvement feedback.

It's easy to oversee small details as an apartment owner when you don't live here regularly. If ten people say it's overpriced or lacks facilities, you must address these issues. Otherwise, you could end up with a bad reputation.

Make the Most of Your Summer Vacation Rental in the Ozarks, Missouri

The global pandemic put a halt to several industries. However, none was more affected than the travel and tourism market.

As we move from restrictions and back to travel crazes, more people than ever are exploring again. This allows everyone with a summer vacation rental to make up for lost time and money.

Do you want to take your property to a new level without handling the hassle that comes with managing a rental?

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