Winter Vacation Rental Tips: Catering to Snow Enthusiasts

Winter Vacation Rental Tips: Catering to Snow Enthusiasts

Cold weather is just around the corner. Last year, millions of people packed their bags in preparation for a holiday vacation, and 2023 will be no different.

To prepare for the influx of guests, you'll need to perform certain preventive maintenance tasks around your rental. That means clearing out the snow, sprucing up the place, and having your heater serviced.

That's only the beginning. Check out this guide for more ways to prepare your winter vacation rental in Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri.

Clear Out the Snow

It will be difficult for guests to sign into your rental property if they can't get through the front door.

That means for short-term rentals in winter, shoveling snow is of the utmost importance.

Clean for the Season

You should always make sure that your property is clean, but there are specific chores you'll need to perform in the winter. If your fireplace is dirty, the ignition switch may not work.

While you're cleaning the fireplace, go over the flues to get rid of any built-up soot. Outdoor fire pits are a popular feature with winter and fall guests. Old twigs and dead leaves could act as a fire hazard if you don't remove them.

Clear any leaves and debris out of your gutters, or hire someone else to do it. Winter nights get pretty chilly. Your guests may want to have some extra clean blankets to stay warm.

Perform Heating Maintenence

Winter temperatures in Missouri can dip down pretty low. After the sun goes down, the Ozarks face subzero temperatures. The last thing you want is for your heater to go out when you have a rental property full of guests.

That's why it's crucial to perform heating maintenance before the cold weather hits. Most landlords schedule an inspection right at the end of fall.

To prevent your pipes from freezing and also to keep your guests cozy, keep the thermostat at a comfortable 70 degrees.

Prepare Your Pipes

If the pipes freeze, your guests won't be able to cook food or take a bath. You can prevent this from happening by adding some insulation to the outside of the pipes.

Most landlords do this by surrounding the pipes with foam sleeves. You can also use insulating tape.

Stock up on Winter Essentials

The last step in preparing your winter vacation rental for guests is stocking it up with everything they'll need to stay comfortable. Again, extra blankets are a welcome addition to any room.

Provide your guests with flashlights to use in case the snow knocks the power out. Extra batteries and firewood are a must as well.

Get Your Winter Vacation Rental Ready for Guests

Winters in the Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, can be harsh. That's why those in tropical areas flock there to escape warm weather. To keep your guests comfortable, you'll need to make sure you've taken the necessary steps to get your winter vacation rental ready for the influx of vacationers.

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